How to Find a Good Mortgage Broker?

Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions that one can take in their life. It can be tricky to navigate. With plenty of options available, such as Mel Finance Services, it can be tough to decide which one to choose, especially considering the fact that each loan option has different conditions which affect your bottom-line. However, it is something that a good mortgage broker can help you with. But, it is important that you are careful about who you work with as there have many complaints about brokers pushing borrowers into taking up riskier loans. This post shares the top tips that will help you find a good mortgage broker melbourne cbd in no time.

1. Do Your Homework

The most important tip that you should follow is doing your homework. You should be prepared before you decide to look for a broker. You can start by viewing potential loans online to get an idea about the type of loan you should get. This will put you in a better position to review the recommendations made by the broker.

2. Learn About How the Broker Would Get Paid

Next, you need to look into how the broker would get paid. Instead of charging you for the services rendered, it is common for brokers to be paid a commission by the bank if they are successful in helping the bank find the right candidate. This affects the advice a broker provides you. You can expect the following types of commission to be paid to the broker.

  • Upfront Commission: It is a specific percentage of the loan amount. The greater the loan value the greater the upfront commission the broker would receive.
  • A Trail Commission: It is a specific percentage of the mortgage amount that the broker would continue to receive throughout the life of the loan. It is commonly paid once a year.
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3. Ask About their Experience and Educational Qualifications

Before you even consider working with a broker, you have to learn more about their experience and educational qualifications. The broker must be licensed to offer help. They should have a credit license or be qualified to act as your representative. Hence, you will need to ask them about their experience and qualifications. 

4. Inquire About their Lender Panel

When it comes to working with home loan brokers melbourne cbd, you have to bear in mind that brokers tend to be restricted by the type of banks they can access. The list is called the lender panel. The best mortgage broker is one who will offer a much wider range of lenders. There are some that have less than 10 banks on their panel, whereas, there are others that have over 50 banks.

5. Evaluate Their Communication Style

The broker you decide to work with should clearly explain all your options so that you do not experience any trouble choosing the right option. As there are various types of loans available in the market, the right broker will present all the options to you and explain them to you clearly. 


Now that you know the best tips to find a good mortgage broker, you can start looking around to start your journey.