What Is Neck Pain And How Can It Be Treated

Remember how when a new child is born in your family and you want to carry him/her, your parents would guide you to be careful of the neck and to hold it with care as it is very sensitive and in the developing stage? Well, apparently, even after growing up and after fully developing this part of your body, it still is and will remain a sensitive part which needs to be handled with care.

This can be regarded as one of the reasons why neck pain Oak Park is becoming a major problem these days. Don’t worry; we won’t just scare you about it. While we will be discussing what neck pain is and some of the causes, we will also take a look on how to avoid it or in severe cases, how to treat it.

Neck pain occurs in different degrees and can be caused due to a number of factors which may involve:

  • Bad/Poor Posture: In this modern era, from a kid to an adult, nearly everyone is required to invest their time on the computer/laptop screens or if not that, one cannot deny the addiction of smart phones for this generation. While having such access to technology results in various amounts of pros, there definitely are some cons as well. Neck pain is one of the most common problems caused by the poor posture that these screens make you sit in.
  • Stillness: Sitting in the same position or looking at something for a long time without moving your neck also affects this body part severely. This can result from long hours of driving or trying to focus in a lecture for a significant amount of time. There is nothing wrong with these things but you do need to remember how vulnerable your neck is and so every now and then, should move it a bit to avoid causing strain.
  • Sleeping in Bad position: When we are tired, we end up sleeping in postures which can be dangerous for our neck and can cause intense pain. Make sure that you sleep in a way that support your neck and do not end up putting a lot of burden on it.
  • Accident: Serious injuries can be caused to this part of your body while experiencing an injury caused by an accident.
  • Exercise: We all agree that fitness is important but you need to be careful. Do not get too excited as you might end up hurting yourself or causing neck pain.

The above mentioned causes and their prevention may not seem to be the actual treatment but that is the thing which is unique about neck pain. Prevention techniques are more or less used to treat lower degree neck pain as well, such as some stretching techniques and maintaining a good posture. Apart from that, if neck pain is caused as a result of an injury or is happening for more than a week, you should definitely consult your doctor or more specifically, your chiropractor Oak Park in order to get tested and treated in a way which suits your body condition and level of pain.


Some women do not understand the importance of gynecology, however amazingly they are explained. A visit to the gynecologist is a taboo for some. Whatever their doubts, they still refuse a visit to the gynecologist. This usually happens because they are afraid. The fear is for what can happen after the visit and not to visit the gynecologist per se.

Being afraid is reasonable, but you should not stop that from the doctor who might recognize and cure some other disorders early. It is advisable to consult a gynecologist several times a year because gynecology plays an important role in the early detection of problems. There are many other reasons for the importance of gynaecology.

Urinary infections are a nightmare, and most women suffer the traumatic experience at least once a lifetime. These infections are detected easily by a gynecologist even before you start feeling any symptom. A weak bladder is a very common cause of urinary tract infection. There are many other causes of urinary infection, and modern medicine allows you to control the painful symptoms easily. There are many other forms of treatment as well but can be performed only by a qualified professional.

This is why it is important to be visiting a gynecologist. Though this condition is not something that is life-threatening, it definitely can make you suffer from pain and discomfort. Additionally, you may suffer embarrassment too.

Best Gynaecologist in Melbourne these days treat the most difficult cases of fertility as well. Some women strive hard and try extreme measures to be able to get pregnant. Women of the past had to keep trying without fruit or would have had to live in this depressed state forever. With the recent advancements, gynecologists have been successfully helping women conceive. This is a very important consideration to make when thinking about why one should visit a gynecologist.

Apart from being able to diagnose and treat urinary tract infection and infertility, gynecologists have been able to treat sexually transmitted diseases as well. There are some STD’s that are life-threatening and some that are not, yet disturbing. This is precisely why this condition needs to be given enough consideration and handled properly.

All these points confirm that gynaecology is indeed a very important field and needs to be given due importance. It is a lifesaver in all its senses.

Although gynecological ultrasonography is widely used for controls in pregnant women, these procedures are also used to diagnose and manage gynecological cancer and other problems such as leiomyoma, adenomyosis, cysts, and lesions. Obstetrics and Gynecology also determine pelvic organs, identify adnexal masses, such as ectopic pregnancy, and follow the response of ovarian follicles to fertility drugs. Therefore, it is good to consult a doctor and get solutions for all gynecological problems if you suffer from women’s problems.

Gynecology is part of Women’s Health Services at the Wesely. At the Wesely, some Gynaecologists offer a comprehensive range of gynecological procedures and surgery including:

  • Gynae-oncology surgery
  • Hysterectomy Melbourne
  • Urogynaecology surgery
  • Laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery for a variety of reasons including but not limited to the investigation of abdominal pain, removal of endometriosis, removal of fibroids embolizations
  • Medical treatment of gynecological conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease, hyperstimulation, and post-operative infections
  • Antenatal management

What Can Massage Therapy Help?

Massage therapy is relaxing, restorative and an effective treatment for injuries, in rehabilitation, to release compressed nerves, and improve mobility. The therapy is beneficial for increasing range of motion, improving circulation, to aid in removing toxins from the body, and enhancing the immune system. It also has proven benefits for the mind.

Stress is a leading cause of anxiety and depression that can be addressed with therapeutic massage. As stress is reduced, individuals experience increased mental acuity, more restful sleep, greater productivity, and enhanced energy. Massage Ivanhoe has proven beneficial for individuals engaged in programs for smoking cessation, anger management and weight loss, along with those receiving cancer treatments and for people with dementia.

The application of massage therapy creates a relaxation response that lowers blood pressure. The treatment improves circulation and the delivery of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. It relieves inflammatory responses and is beneficial for individuals that have degenerative diseases such as arthritis and those that have experienced a stroke.

Massage therapy relieves pain and helps in pain management. The technique releases compressed nerves in conditions that include sciatica and carpel tunnel, and it’s equally beneficial in a myriad of chronic nerve-related conditions associated with diabetes, lupus, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.

Individuals with injuries, scar tissue, and those that have undergone surgery will find pain relief and rehabilitation through massage therapy. It can be utilized for injuries of the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. It’s beneficial for repetitive motion injuries, sports injuries and for individuals that have been involved in vehicle accidents, it can aid with treatment Osteopaths in Ivanhoe offer.

The body’s immune system is a complex bio-mechanism that relies on multiple organs working together. Massage therapy can play a major role in that process. It aids the lymphatic system that’s responsible for helping to evacuate toxins and excess fluid from the body. It’s especially beneficial for those with a compromised immune system. Massage stimulates the entire immune system to better respond to viruses and bacteria that causes illness.

Massage therapy is an important element in addressing a multitude of injuries, mobility problems and rehabilitation needs. Clinical pilates Ivanhoe & therapeutic massage relieves pain, improves body functions and affects the mind in beneficial ways for a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Physio Epping and Physiotherapy West Ryde Offers 40 Percent off New Patient Consultations

Physio Epping and Physiotherapy West Ryde Offers 40 Percent off New Patient Consultations

Epping, NSW – Feb. 7, 2016 – Physio Epping and Physiotherapy West Ryde clinics of Northern Districts Physiotherapy Eastwood (NDPE) is providing new patients only with 40 percent off the cost of their initial consultation. To receive the discount, patients must mention the offer when scheduling their appointment. Physiotherapist West Ryde

The new patient special offered by the clinics is just one of the ways that they’re serving the needs of patients. NDPE maintains practices in six locations, with late appointments for adults and children. Each patient receives an in-depth assessment, treatment and management plan designed specifically for them.

The human body is a complex, biomechanical machine, but it can be damaged through any number of events ranging from sports participation and vehicle crashes to work accidents. Physiotherapy restores the body much like a mechanic maintains a high-performance vehicle.

Physio is an important part of pain management and patients may be prescribed dry needling or therapeutic massage to aid in the process. The techniques direct circulation where it’s needed most to accelerate the healing process. The therapies relax the body, provide it with an optimal state in which to heal, and can release knotted muscles associated with injuries, stress and conditions that arise following surgery.

Many individuals don’t seek the help of a physiotherapist until their pain is severe or a problem has become chronic. Clinical Pilates and a variety of specialised exercise programs are available to address tendon and ligament problems that accompany repetitive movement conditions stemming from work or sports.

Physiotherapy is beneficial for treating migraines, rotator cuff issues, arthritis, sciatica and neurological problems. Epping and West Ryde physiotherapists are experts in how the body moves, functions, and in its neurological systems. The clinics offer orthotic devices that help alleviate pain, align the spine properly, and eliminate improper postures and behaviors.

The discounts for new patients at the West Ryde and Epping clinics provide a cost effective way for individuals to learn how physiotherapy can make a difference in their lives to facilitate range of motion, mobility and ease pain from a variety of causes. Our team also offer acupuncture west ryde; the practices provide effective rehabilitation therapies that help patients return to their normal range of activities as quickly as possible.

For more information, call 02 9874 8410 or visit NDPE online to learn about special offers for new patients.

Jaw Pain Treatment Options

Jaw pain is a very common condition experienced by at least 10% of the Australian population.  It is more common in women than men. Jaw pain is sometimes called TMJ, which stands for temporo mandibular joint (your jaw joint). People mistakenly use the term TMJ to describe their condition i.e. “I have TMJ”. What they should be saying is “I have a TMJ problem” or “I have TMD (temporo-mandibular –disorder)”Jaw Pain Melbourne

Jaw pain is often associated with other symptoms such as clicking, stiffness of the jaws, locking, headache, ear pain or blocking and occasionally ringing of the ears (tinnitus).  The pain is often worse in the morning and is a sign that you may be clenching (bruxing) at night. Stress is a major contributing factor to clenching but is not the only reason for this unconscious habit. Jaw pain commonly occurs when excessive force is applied to the jaws such as wisdom teeth extraction, or when the mouth is kept open for extended periods such as during lengthily dental procedures.

Jaw pain Loganholme can be related to or contributed to by an issue of the head and neck alignment leading to a mechanical stress on the jaw joint and its associated muscles. Whiplash Springwood type injury is a common prelude to jaw pain and may only manifest in jaw pain years later. Neck structures can also refer pain to the face and jaw region producing jaw pain type symptoms which do not originate in the jaw joints or structures. This can contribute to a confusing picture when trying to determine the source of pain and plan appropriate treatment.

Physiotherapists  with special interest and training in TMJ / jaw conditions are able to asses and treat both areas of the neck and TMJ’s to determine where your pain is coming from and what structures require treatment. Often treatment focussing on the head and neck areas as well as the TMJs is indicated for resolution. Although your dentist may be able to assist your jaw pain and clenching by fitting you with a custom made mouth splint, they are not generally able to asses or treat any neck component of your jaw / TMJ pain. If you suspect a neck component due to stiffness at the back of the head and neck, headaches at the back of the head, or if you are not getting expected results with a mouth splint, then be sure to contact a local clinic. Our physiotherapists have special training and experience treating a range of jaw pain / TMJ conditions.